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Why a home office is a home investment!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We use our house as a location house and as my husband works from home 90% of the time. Having a dedicated space to work is an absolute necessity. As is those school holidays when the kids are around and I don't want to have to keep them quiet every time he needs to make a call.

Since covid both myself and my husband like many people have found ourselves out of the office and in our homes working most of the time. The world has changed and for us its for the better, the kids no longer spend long days in after school clubs and they get to see daddy before bed. However, working from home is not always the best scenario unless you can find a way to seperate your desk and your personal time.

Not only does having a garden office give you space away from your home it offers a life work balance that allows you to switch off from your job. Studies have shown that even a 30 second walk to work can help with your mental health, and if that isn't enough to sell you on a garden office then maybe the below stats will.

A garden office can add 5% - 10% to the value of your home, meaning if you shop wisely you can often make back more then you spent.

Reasons to get a Garden Studio

  • Quiet Retreat, give yourself space from family life

  • Natural Light & Greenery. Make the most of your garden

  • Versatile you can use it as a beauty room, home gym

  • Property Value. A home office can increase the value of your home between 5% and 10%

  • Cost Effective. It is much cheaper to heat a home office then your home

After shopping around for months for a suitable home office I came across Wohobo. A small UK company based in Derbyshire that offer affordable garden office spaces that can be put up in 48 hours, look fabulous and offer everything you need in 3 easy affordable sizes.

I went for the 3 x 4m office which you can comfortably fit a desk and a sofa in. Prices start at £6500 plus VAT.

Wohobo came and put the office up in two days. They made it look a breeze but the building is incredibly robust, designed perfectly its timber shutters slide to keep the sun off, its roof and facade are all designed to secretly take water off the roof and down a secret drainpipe. It has lighting inside and out, the walls are even magnetic making it a fun to decorate with moveable pictures. The building comes complete with sockets and ethernet ports so it really is a ready to go work from home space in under a week.

If you are looking for a garden studio please contact Wohobo for a quote.

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